The power of Humans 

Yesterday I was walking to work and this is what I saw. I asked the man why is protesting and he simply said “this life is so precious, yet some humans are left defenceless. So I’m giving them the voice they don’t have.” #photooftheday #photojournalism


Girls from all over the world imagine their Year 12 Formal ever since stepping foot into school. These beautiful girls get to put their frocks and dancing shoes on for the best night of their lives. I got the pleasure of capturing beautiful Petrina on Friday the 5th of May for her magical night. My … More Formals

Local Rockers

Let me take you down to memory lane to the beginning of the year, 6th of January to be exact. It was a dark crisp night in Fortitude Valley, rain had just started to drizzle and I was staggering into Brunswick Street with a few vodka and raspberries in my system. Tacky I know but, … More Local Rockers