The Girl


Lilly  – Winter 10th June 2016

I was wearing white, a white lacy dress that flowed to my knees. I remember being so cold that I couldn’t feel my toes and my entire body was covered in tiny goosebumps. Mum had told me to always take a jacket whenever we go outside, even on days that weren’t cold. She always thought that a jacket was a girls best accessory because it made a girls body look so mysterious and a girl always needs to leave a man wanting to discover more about you. But yesterday I didn’t wear a jacket, I was in such a rush to get out of the house to meet a boy i didn’t pick up my red button up jacket.

The boy I was meeting was so mysterious himself, he had bright blue eyes, short burgundy coloured hair and freckles that sprinkled across his nose. He was a sweet boy that smelt like sea salt and smoke, which I know is weird combination but his scent always intoxicated me. I met him at school behind the library where he would go after school to have a secret smoke before walking home. He lived around the corner from my house, but I never saw him outside in the garden. I only knew he lived there when my mum had gone to his house when he had first move in, Mum went over to welcome his family to the neighbourhood. We live in a very small town in Brisbane, so everyone knows everyone and every kid goes to the same school because its the only school in the district.

His name is Jaymes with a Y because he told me his parents claimed to be hipsters and thought, like every new parent did that their son or daughter would grow up to be different in some creative way so they added an extra letter to be that ‘extra’ in life. And his parents were right, Jaymes was different to the other boys, he seemed to be observant and withdrawn at the same time.

Like he wasn’t interested in playing sports or checking out the hottest girls in the school like most of the jocks. But he would write the best speeches and poems in our english classes describing every small thing in detail. One time, for one of our assignments we had to talk about something that makes us happy and why it made us feel so happy. I talked about how running made me happy because I felt so unstoppable, running was the only thing I’m good at really. I win all of my schools track competitions and dad had put me into little athletics because I loved it so much. But Jaymes had talked about peoples hands, he explained that most people talk with their hands, therefore hands are the beauty to most peoples stories by uncovering the biggest mysterious.

I liked Jaymes, he was only ever nice to me and not to the other girls or even to anyone else in that matter. It made me feel so special that I was the ‘special one’ in his eyes, on our date he brought Lillies and said that my beauty never compared to them. “My Lilly” he said when I first arrived to his front door, he wore a mustard coloured blazer that complimented his eyes and a pink bow tie to match his baby blue shirt. He grabbed my hand and kissed it so softly that it felt like an angel had touched me.

“Now lets go on an adventure my love, I’ll show you the most beautiful places.” as Jaymes was grabbing his coast from the hanger next to the door, “its a bit nippy outside Lil, but its okay you wont be needing it where you are going.” he said which was weird, and I should of taken it as the first sign. I hopped in his car which was an old 1996 Honda Accord and was the same colour as his hair. His car smelt the same as he did, but had a weird metallic smell added to it and he had plastic covers over the seats. I never thought anything of it, he was a quirky guy who did quirky things and thats what I liked about him.

We drove off into the sunset, quite literally and we were driving for over an hour but it didn’t feel that long because we were talking and laughing non-stop. Gosh he was so cool, he lived such an amazing life and he was only 17 (my age). His parents are from South Africa who are doctors, they travelled with UNICEF around the world taking care of poor children who lived in poverty. Jaymes told me that he wants to be just like his parents, taking care of people in need, “I just can look at someone and feel their pain and its horrible, I just feel so powerless and I know as human beings we have so much power but little knowledge on how to use it.” He exclaimed while taking a turn down a little dirt road with trees and debris covering the track making the car harder to drive over.

Jaymes reached the end of the road, turned off the car. I now can hear the birds squeaking, cicadas buzzing everywhere and a faint sound of a waterfall, “where are we?” I ask as I never knew Greenbank was even near a waterfall. “Somewhere beautiful.” he answered and got out of the car, walked to my side and opened the door like a true gentlemen. “Come on, Ill show you the best part” he held out his hand and I took it, it felt so cold but as soft as his kiss was.

We walked down the track for less than a 1km away from the car, crunching on all of the debris and trying not to trip over from of the fallen branches or sticks. We followed nature’s callings and discovered where the water was coming from, It was a beautiful misty blue river that glowed against the sunset. It was the second most peaceful place I have been too, it was truly beautiful. “Wow” I exhaled and turned to face Jaymes but he was already in front of me, he cupped my face and kissed me. I was lost in his lust, it was breathtaking, he was breathtaking. It was both sweet and sour, his lips were soft but he kissed me roughly that my whole body started to go numb. His kisses were like a drug, and I was already an addict, I never felt so high in my life and I wanted more.

When he broke away, all my feelings came back, I felt something else entirely different like something had pierced my stomach. The pain had shocked my body, I looked down to see my white lacy dress had turned into a deep red and that metallic smell I smelt in the car had returned. My body went numb again, I looked up to see Jaymes whose soft cold hands were over my eyes. Thats when I realised I was going to my favourite place, where I would be touched by angels.






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